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This is the start of a new adventure for Joan and myself, an exciting new patchwork and quilting shop called Dotty Dolly. We are based in Wellington, Somerset, at 13 Fore Street (opposite the Nat West). You can contact us on 01823 660879.

We are easy to get to from junction 26 on the M5 - come and see us if you are passing by.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Joan's return

Thank goodness Joan is back tomorrow, people wandering past the shop must be quite worried about me as I sit and talk to myself and the fabric - early onset something or other.

The last two weeks have been hectic - we have had the local travellers through town who apparently live on the hills, they have obviously come in for their shopping so whilst one shops the other plays with his instrument outside the bank

Saturday was Wellington Carnival which starts at 7o'clockish but for some reason they shut the main road through town at 1.30 in the afternoon - I didn't realise it took so long to get ready!!!  Consequently there were hardly any people in the town in the afternoon apart from balloon sellers and small children crying because their parents wouldn't pay £5 for a balloon.

Whilst Joan has been away I have been buying buying buying - fabric that I know she doesn't like and definitely not in pink, purple or orange.  Alan our lovely Moda rep brought in some fabrics that Joan had already vetoed as they were too dull but he managed to convince me that they were best sellers so I made an executive decision which has since gone to my head and I have made quite a few in the last few days.

Some of the fabric we ordered back in May has just arrived
I think the owls face is lovely- he looks a bit constipated or depressed

Now Joan is back I will be calmer and have plenty of good explanations of why I have spent so much money and I think Alan knows when I am on my own as he came in just before she returned I had to have another rummage in his boot for any other items that might be useful - goodness knows how much that will cost!!



  1. I can see great potential for some fussy cutting of hexagons in that owl fabric. Could be fun. Hope Joan had a great holiday.

  2. Debbie/Joan,
    Can I put out a request to you and ask you if when you see the Moda Rep if he can get any Tula Pink fabric in the Flutterbyes - pink so that I can finish my hexagons. Any amount would help. I am not holding out any hope.
    I will be forever in your debt if you can get me any.