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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Holidays are over

Easter has gone and the excitement of the dress and the Royal wedding has gone as well!  Along with that has gone my ordering power.  A decision has been made - I am no longer allowed to order anything on my own, I have to say that this was said by my husband first and when I repeated it to Joan she agreed. So if you are reading this Alan only visit on Thursday afternoons please.

I have just come back from a break in Berlin which I thought was going to be a free holiday but once at the airport my brother (who was paying for the trip) surprised us with the news that he expected some work to be done by my husband and myself to pay for our trip - typical.

Whilst waiting at the airport with time to spare I managed to find a beautiful pair of sunglasses which matched my hair perfectly and made me look gorgeous (in my opinion) but I walked away from them and went for a drink. The sunglasses kept calling me (just like chocolate does) and my husband asked if I wanted him to buy them but I bravely said I would buy them myself to which he replied "thank godness for that" - before I say anymore I would like to state that I don't have pots of secret money and I must have been ill that morning or my spending habit in the shop has spilled over to my normal life although when I said this to Joan she said it was the other way round.  Anyway I am now the proud owner of a pair of real (not fake) Prada sunglasses complete with a beautiful case which I am guarding with my life and will be wearing for the next five summers.  Whilst sitting on a bus in Berlin I did ask my husband if anyone was looking at my glasses and recognising the name on the side - he just ignored me. 

Enough about me - back to the shop.  No problematic customers so far which is good news.  We do have a little lad called Ben who comes in with his mum who I have managed to frighten yet again.  The last time he came in I couldn't find the calculator so I asked him to add up some figures for me not realising that he would find this traumatic and I apologised but of course when he came in yesterday I did it again without thinking so sorry Ben I promise I won't throw any more figures at you.

Now time to panic about the Jelly Roll workshop next week - I stupidly thought that I would put together another couple of quilts before the course which starts as I don't want people to be bored, so now I am beginning to get stressed as usual.

Joan is back tomorrow - still no sign of the baby yet (not Joan's her daughters) so will keep you posted


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  1. Hope you left the label on your sunglasses so that everyone could see they were the real thing. Typically, the sun has disappeared now. No point in asking me to help you choose fabric as it would be a shop full of pink stuff.
    Love Shirley.x