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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Back to normal

Well Debby and I are both back now, and spent the afternoon in the shop together as we always do on a Thursday afternoon.  Yesterday a new delivery arrived, mostly plain pastels which we are very pleased with.  Debby was a little concerned as it was only half the order, and when I got back from the class this morning the other half had arrived.  Debby was drowning in a sea of spots, lots of lovely colours, and nowhere to put them!  We had felt we had got rather low, and obviously with our name we love spots, but I think we may have got a little carried away, so if you are looking for spots, you know where to come.

I had a little trip over to Shepton Mallet on Tuesday.  I have belonged to a co-operative gallery over there for a while now, but have decided it is too much of a commitment, so decided it was time to call it a day.  I have one day left over there next week and it is my last.  When I saw the date for my stint in the shop I didn`t think much about it, but suddenly realised at the weekend that it`s Glastonbury this week.  I decided to go home avoiding Glastonbury itself, but it`s such a huge site that I couldn`t avoid it at all, and ended up in a queue of Camper vans all waiting to get in - they weren`t supposed to be letting them in until 9.00pm that night, so I was not amused, the air was blue to say the least.  It took me three quarters of an hour longer than normal.  I mustn`t complain too much because I am going myself for the day on Sunday as I do every year, but it`s different when you just want to get home.  Please pray for sunshine, and for all the mud to have disappeared by Sunday!

Debby and I have been making plans this week, and are setting the wheels in motion for a brand new website from which you will be able to order on line, which is all very exciting for us.  We have booked a stand  at the  Malvern Show in October (hopefully we will be able to sell some of the Christmas fabric ordered - I think I have told you Debby has ordered enough to fill another shop!)  The website will take a few weeks yet,
but we are looking forward to its completion.

For those of you who don`t know, from Monday 27th June and for the next two weeks we will be selling all our fabric with 10% off - this includes our new stock. some of which is shown above.

We have also been finalising details for our new evening class.  We have been to look at the hall which is at West Buckland and NOT Buckland St. Mary!  We aim to start on Wednesday 3rd August.  It may seem a bit mad to start then, but several people have said they are quite happy to, so we have decided to go ahead.  We will send details individually but if you are interested give us a ring or email us.  We have decided to run quilting and dressmaking at the same time.  The hall is a lovely large size and there is plenty of room for both.  I will teach the dressmaking and Debby will teach the quilting.

I have been plodding away at my several quilts.  I have been messing around with jelly rolls and made a small one using half a jelly roll.  I say made, but so far I have only completed the quilt top, but I like the colours.  It`s only about a metre square, and I will need to do something with the green squares, not sure what yet.  I have also completed some more of the blocks for my grand daughter`s quilt which I mentioned in a previous blog.  This time I am able to show you a picture, albeit not a very good one!  There is quite a lot of work to do on this one yet.  The blocks are all different sizes, and I am not sure how I am going to put them together yet!  The little people will need faces, and there will be quite a lot of quilting to do, but I am really pleased with the way it is going so far.  I ordered my Camelot quilt pattern which I mentioned Shirley from Stitchery do was making.  I have decided I need something really challenging, and this certainly will be.  I keep wandering around the shop, and thinking this will look nice and that will look great.  I`ve just got to wait for it to come from Australia now!

Well I have finally run out of things to say now- makes a change!


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