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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Back in the swing of things!

Well I don`t know about all of you, but I feel that Christmas never happened, it seems to long ago.  I spent last week feeling thoroughly sorry for myself and spent most of the time on the sofa comotosed watching daytime TV - yes it was that bad.  Having got over my infection I then picked up some horrible viral thing which at one point the doctor thought was the flu,  but which thankfully I got over quite quickly. I am now back in the shop this week and it is a relief to get back to normal.  I am now working hard trying to make all the samples I was going to make last week! 

At the end of the week, I thought I must get on with something, but couldn`t be bothered to go into my workroom, and sit at the sewing machine, so finally started on my camelot quilt which I am piecing by hand. I managed two, and have 14 more to go.  They are quite fiddly to do, especially if you don`t feel too great, and they are not quite as flat as I would have liked.  This was worrying me slightly, but last night I was looking through a little book I have `The Quilter`s Book of Days`, its a perpetual calendar really, and I use it as a birthday book.  Each page has a photograph of a quilt and quotes about quilting, and  I just happened to come across this quote - `My top was perfect ... but when we flapped it out on the bed it had a big belly enough to hide a cat ...There seemed to be large pockets of air trapped underneath.  No sooner did we burp one side than the air pockets redistributed to another! ... Then I heard these immortal words: "Don`t worry, it`ll quilt out."  I thought this was very appropriate, because I had decided the very same thing.  If you are interested the quote is from `How Not to Make a Prize-Winning Quilt` by Ami Simms.   I am trying not to use too much pink, but as always am drawn to it.  I am determined that my next block will be blue, but I expect some pink will~s/Ac ' _PALike most people I have a huge pile of UFO`s but I seem to have even more ideas i, WZkvH;p would like to do, and I will probably give in to these first and they too will become more UFO`s.  I have several tops ready to be put together and quilted, and as always I keep putting if off as this is my least favourite job.  The plan is to get them ready next week when I am not in work - in fact I am determined this will happen and then I can get quilting.

I had a request yesterday from one of my daughter`s friends who has taken up knitting.  She couldn`t understand why the more she does, the wider the piece seems to become.  I gave her several suggestions, such as perhaps she has been casting on more stiches as she goes along.  Anyway I hope she resolves the problem, I am slightly put out that she is knitting and not stitching.  In fact my daughter tells me that lots of her friends have taken up knitting and stitching, and they keep asking her for advice.  We have had a good laugh at this, they seem to assume that because I have always done it, and now have a quilt shop that Katie will know everything there is to know and solve all their problems.  They couldn`t be further from the truth, she has absolutely no interest at all, although she loves to cook.  I have high hopes for my grandaughter Georgia who loves making things even though she is only 4 and I got very excited last year when my daughter-in-law asked to come on one of workshops, which she seemed to enjoy.  In fact I got so excited that I bought her loads of sewing bits and pieces, fabrics and a book on Sewing for her Christmas present, so I hope she was as enthusiastic as she appeared to be!

Debby is, I am sure enjoying her week off.  I will see her tomorrow when our first class starts tomorrow night.  We have fianlly managed to send out our workshop list up to the end of April, and hopefully there is something there for everyone.   We have been very pleasantly surprised at the response and have filled quite a few places already.  Debby started a lovely quilt top using a jelly roll and layer cake which is in the window at present, and she seems to have achieved quite a few other things during the holiday.  I am looking forward to seeing them!

 I had a telephone call today from one of the reps asking if he can come in tomorrow to show me next year`s Christmas fabrics.  I can`t quite believe that just two and a half weeks after Christmas I will be ordering fabric for next Christmas.  However what really scares me is the prospect of ordering the fabrics without Debby, I just hope she likes what I choose.  Normally we order together so it is a big responsibility.  I can usually tell if I have got it wrong as Debby will smile sweetly at me but in a certain way so that I know she is thinking what did she do that for - wish me luck!

On that note - happy sewing until next time.

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  1. The Camelot blocks look fab Joan, well done. My secret is to spray starch them on the back and it breathes new life into them. Ami Simms obviously knows what she is saying and most things will quilt out. Now I want to see more and I don't mind if all the blocks are pink. I hope you are feeling much better.